About Don’t Forget Yoga

My name is Derek Goodwin.

Some people call me Pashupa. I’m a person with many passions, including music, yoga, and photography. I also love to write.

I’m building a community of playful yoga teachers and students.

Offerings Include:

  • The Don't Forget Yoga Podcast helping playful yogis internalize yogic wisdom using music, mantra, and mnemonics. Short, themed episodes that include interviews, storytelling, and humor.

  • Sacred Songs & Music Lessons Learn to play sacred songs and kirtans on harmonium, ukulele, and guitar.

  • Yoga Blog

  • The Warrior One Podcast

  • Vegan Radio Archives of my original podcast (2005-2014)

Random Facts:

  1. I was an early podcaster, co-hosting and producing the Vegan Radio Podcast from 2005-2014. It was also broadcast on FM radio in Western MA.

  2. I worked as the web editor for Jivamukti Yoga in NYC for six years. Jivamukti was one of the largest yoga studios in the city, and also the home base for the global lineage of over 3,000 teachers.

The Warrior One Podcast

In 2020, during the early days of quarantine, I launched the Warrior One Podcast. I had begun recording interviews in 2019 for an interview-based podcast. Then things changed.

I was getting settled into my new home in Boulder, CO, when the pandemic began. I found myself alone by a creek behind my apartment, writing prose in my journal and playing guitar and ukulele to the ducks, the and the water.

The podcast launched with the Season 1 Trailer on June 7th, 2020. Many of the songs and words he wrote by the creek found their way into the first three episodes. Those episodes tell the story of the weekend of March 14, 2020 from my perspective as student in a yoga training in Boulder, CO. Featuring interviews from 2019-2020 with teachers Amy Ippoliti and Manorama, and fellow student Reginald Hubbard, they also document my creative evolution. By the third episode, I found I could blend

Mixing humor, storytelling, yoga philosophy, and thought experiments with original music and interview clips, each episode is an unforgettable audio journey.

The Don’t Forget Yoga Podcast

The Don’t Forget Yoga Podcast helps playful yogis internalize yogic wisdom using music, mantra, and mnemonics.

In 2021 I moved to Northampton, Massachusetts to ride out the rest of the pandemic learning carpentry with a friend. The Warrior One Podcast was a labor of love, but creating the complex audio soundscapes of each episode took way too many hours to be sustainable. So he joined the Grow the Show podcast accelerator and went back to the drawing board. They wanted me to really define my audience as the first step.

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Don’t Forget Yoga offers short, themed episodes about yoga. From asana to anatomy. From Sanskrit to philosophy to mantra and Hindu deities. Featuring interviews, original music, storytelling, humor, and narration.

The Yogi

Derek Goodwin (lovingly called Pashupa by friends and students) teaches alignment-based yoga asana, infused with mystical and philosophical musings, a sense of humor, and love of storytelling. Pashupa's classes feature playful and challenging sequences that are full of bends and twists. A love of yoga anatomy informs his teaching and the space he holds. His ukulele serenades in shavasana are student favorites.

Derek Goodwin studied yoga with Sharon Gannon and David Life to receive his 300-hour Jivamukti Yoga certification in 2011. He taught at the world renown Jivamukti Yoga School in NYC from 2012-2018. In 2021, he completed Vesselify’s 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with American yoga innovator Amy Ippoliti. Related trainings include Thai Massage, Acroyoga, and meditation.

The Photographer

Derek Goodwin loves photographing people doing what they love. His portraits of yoga have been featured in Yoga Journal and Mantra Magazine, and used by yoga festivals and studios around the USA. He helps yoga teachers (and all sorts of other cool people) create photo and video content for marketing, social media, and online courses.

A photo shoot with Derek is fun, therapeutic, and guaranteed to add beautiful and unique images to your website, marketing, and social media.

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Discover the wonders of breathwork and yoga with Derek Pashupa Goodwin. Surviving three years of toxic exposure in the military, Derek is now thriving thanks to his path of yoga and a plant-based diet. Here he shares what he has learned along the way.


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