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#12 Yoga, Veganism, and Sanskrit Bingo with Victoria Moran

#12 Yoga, Veganism, and Sanskrit Bingo with Victoria Moran

Mnemonics to help you remember the Sanskrit names of Asanas!

Do you ever get confused by all of the Sanskrit names of yoga poses? In this episode our guest, Victoria Moran, gives us some fun mnemonics to help remember some of the most common poses. You will also find out about the free space on your Sanskrit Bingo card!

I first met Victoria Moran in NYC around 2013, through our many connections in the vegan community. I had just begun working my new job as web editor at Jivamukti Yoga, and she had just released her best-selling book, Main Street Vegan. At the time I didn’t realize that she was also an accomplished yogi.

In this episode of the Don’t Forget Yoga Podcast, Victoria shares her journey in yoga, which began in 1967, long before yoga became a trendy exercise routine in the west. In those days, the spiritual teachings of yoga were integrated into all of the classes, and vegetarianism was an integral part of the practice.

Victoria picked up yoga in one hand and vegetarianism in the other and created a unique and wonderful life. She is the author of 13 books, a public speaker, a podcaster, film producer, and the founder of the Main Street Vegan Academy, which is a training and certification program for vegan coaches, educators and entrepreneurs. She is currently working on getting a film made from the script she co-wrote with her husband, Miss Liberty, about a fictional cow who escapes from a slaughterhouse and the human drama that ensues. “This capricious tale tugs at the heart and the surprise ending will leave you amazed—that’s a promise.”

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  • 0:00 Intro

  • 03:34 Indra Devi and the Goddess Pose

  • 05:42 Victoria Goes Vegan

  • 08:05 Rocket Raccoon and Guardians of the Galaxy

  • 09:32 A Spiritual Journey

  • 13:48 Main Street Vegan Academy

  • 17:18 The Seat of the Teacher

  • 19:47 Sanskrit Asana Mnemonics

  • 29:36 Teaching Yoga Philosophy

  • 32:30 Advice for New Teachers

  • 34:06 Miss Liberty and the Main Street Vegan Podcast

  • 40:03 Outro

Don't Forget to Breathe
Don't Forget Yoga Podcast
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