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#11 Yamas in Pajamas: Yoga for Kids with Deven Sisler

#11 Yamas in Pajamas: Yoga for Kids with Deven Sisler

Are you a parent or someone who loves teaching yoga to kids? Besides fun yoga poses, would you like to help them learn some age appropriate lessons from yoga philosophy? This is your episode!

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In this episode we explore the world of kids yoga with guest Deven Sisler, including

  • Ways to teach kids yoga and incorporate lessons from yoga philosophy

  • How she got into teaching kids yoga, including her experience working with children after the tsunami in Indonesia

  • The importance of authenticity and listening in teaching yoga to kids

  • Teaching yoga to families and the importance of meeting children where they are

  • Deven's journey to offering kids yoga teacher training and writing her book, The Yamas in Pajamas.

Speaking of mnemonics. the use of nursery rhymes and familiar songs to incorporate movement into kids yoga classes is a great fit for a podcast about playful ways to absorb yogic wisdom. This interview inspired Derek to record his own version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with lyrics to choreograph sun salutations for children!

In her book, The Yamas in Pajamas, Deven explores ways to get kids and families involved in yoga by incorporating ethical and spiritual lessons from yoga philosophy. The book is divided into chapters dedicated to each of the Yamas, which are principles of ethical behavior in yoga. Each chapter includes reflections, guided meditations, breathing exercises, journal prompts, activities, and mindful movements for kids and their adults to experientially explore these concepts.

Deven's approach to teaching yoga to kids and families is centered around improvisation, meeting children where they are, and creating a space for laughter, play, and authentic listening. She believes in empowering kids to express themselves.

Deven Sisler is a kids' yoga expert and author. She has been teaching yoga to adults and children since 2005 and acro yoga since 2007. Deven's background in theater, art, and circus has influenced her teaching practice, and she combines these elements to create an embodied teaching experience for those interested in sharing yoga with kids and families. Deven offers kids' yoga teacher trainings and has recently released a book called "Yamas in Pajamas," which explores age-appropriate lessons from yoga philosophy for children.

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