Don't Forget to Breathe
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Sporecast 2: Rebirth 2021

Sporecast 2: Rebirth 2021

We are swaggering into 2021 with the second Warrior One Sporecast! Our mini-episodes feature interview clips, stories, memes, and catchy little songs. They compliment our full-length episodes.

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You may have heard the Georgia Runoff election is coming up on January 5th, and the balance of power in the US Senate is at stake. We feature a clip of Reginald Hubbard talking about his political activism with, our gratitude for Stacy Abrams, how we can support the people of Georgia, and vegan pie. Reggie will be the featured guest in our next episode, because you won't get enough of him here.


#Earworms are songs that get stuck in your head (as explored in this Radiolab podcast). We pride ourselves on being able to create some catchy little tunes. Today we offer up two new ones for your consideration:

  1. The Future is Coming (lalalalalala) - a danceable bass-driven piece with eastern vibes and Reggie Hubbard's explorations of time. The chorus will hook ya. Lalalalalala.

  2. Grace Rose Daily - A song about birth, motherhood, and the cosmic journey of the soul (of course!). Backup vocals by V Haddad and Ila B. Djembe by V Haddad.


[00:00] INTRO
[01:56] THE FUTURE IS COMING (original music)
[06:52] GEORGIA RUNOFF (Reginald Hubbard Interview on Stacy Abrams)
[10:28] GRACE ROSE DAILY  (original music)
[15:05 ] OUTRO


Don't Forget to Breathe
The Warrior One Podcast
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