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Episode 2: Manorama

Episode 2: Manorama

This episode features Manorama, a world-renowned authority on Sanskrit, and a brilliant yoga philosophy teacher.

Between the inhale and the exhale there is a pause, or retention breath, that the yogi's call, "kumbhaka."

The first three episodes of the Warrior One Podcast revolve around a yoga training that occurred the weekend of March 14th in Boulder, Colorado. That weekend became the pause between the pre-pandemic world, and the world we live in now.

The training was led by two highly respected western yoga teachers. Episode 1 featured Amy Ippoliti, an American yoga teacher, author, and earth conservationist. This episode features Manorama, a world-renowned authority on Sanskrit, and a brilliant yoga philosophy teacher.  Our third episode will feature an inspiring student from the workshop named Reginald Hubbard, who is a political activist.

Manorama grew up in NY and found her spiritual teacher, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, at age 13. Impressed by his "aliveness" and voracious quest for knowledge, she studied with him until his passing, learning the Sanskrit language and yogic wisdom from the East. Combining that knowledge with her own western sensibilities, she has become one of the best-known and most-beloved Sanskrit and yoga philosophy teachers in the world.

Manorama now offers the Sanskrit Studies Method, a process that guides you through the remarkable journey of Sanskrit, and shows you how to utilize the depth of Sanskrit in your yogic practice and life; and the Luminous Soul Method, which centers around understanding 9 pillars. Each pillar holds a key to expanding yogic wisdom in your daily life.

We feature clips from an interview in NYC's Central Park before the pandemic, and a second interview after the quarantine began, conducted on Zoom. Prepare to be transported through time while we explore the world pre and post pandemic, up to the 2020 presidential election. Manorama and Pashupa both offer pearls of wisdom to help you through these times. Be ready to giggle, and then go deep.


  1. [00:00] Oh Mama Goddess Song: (Intro Music by Pashupa, goddess mythology inspired lyrics)

  2. [03:50] Introduction: The backstory of the Kumbhaka

  3. [06:57] Manorama on the Kumbhaka: Manorama Zoom Interview clip about the 90 Monkeys Workshop

  4. [10:44] The Present is a Gift: Pashupa’s “Now” audio montage, the physics of time, and Zues throws lightning bolts

  5. [18:18] Manorama in Central Park: Clip from the pre-pandemic interview in Central Park, where she talks about the concept of guru and how she met hers

  6. [29:28] What’s this World About?: A musical journey written with Pashupa, wondering what this world is about

  7. [31:40] Another Present: Pashupa’s narration about the election, literalism in religion, Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, and seeing god in everyone

  8. [37:14] Manorama's Guru-ji: Manorama talks more about her guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, and how she dealt with his passing

  9. [47:02] Mahālakṣmī and Mahiṣāsura: (Kali theme music played by Pashupa) Pashupa tells a story from the Devīmāhātmya about how the goddess Mahālakṣmī was created, and her battle with the Buffalo Demon Mahiṣāsura. He then gives insights into how we can use this ancient goddess mythology to deal with the situation we find ourselves in today, and how the mycelium in the forest is our teacher. And finally, the Sanskrit word “bija,” which means seed.

  10. [59:31] Mantra with Manorama: Manorama talks about how the integrates teachings from the East with her Western sensibilities, Sanskrit as a revealed language, and the ways we can use mantra to deepen our practice and connection.

  11. [01:06:14] Manorama NYC May 2020: Manorama talks about life in NYC during the quarantine, as spring blossoms, and how the challenges of our times test our practice.

  12. [01:10:53] Outro: (Oh Mama Acoustic Theme Music by Pashupa)

  13. [01:13:36] Bonus Mantra: Manorama chants the Gayatri Mantra



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