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Episode 1: Amy Ippoliti

Episode 1: Amy Ippoliti

Between the inhale and the exhale there is a pause that the yogi's call, "kumbhaka."

The first three episodes of the Warrior One Podcast revolve around a yoga training that occurred the weekend of March 14th in Boulder, Colorado. That weekend became the pause between the pre-pandemic world, and the world we live in now.

The training was led by two highly respected western yoga teachers. Amy Ippoliti is an American yoga teacher, author, and earth conservationist, and she is the featured interview on this episode. Manorama is a world-renowned authority on Sanskrit, and a brilliant yoga philosophy teacher. She is featured in Episode 2.

Warrior One Podcast host Derek Pashupa Goodwin. Pashupa had interviewed Amy and Manorama separately before he knew about the training . The goal was a podcast in classic interview format,  focused on finding meaning and abundance in life by following one's own true path.

As the world changed, the goals of the podcast grew.

Pashupa realized that his future was bringing his past into perspective. There was a synchronicity of being in a training during the uncertainty of the Kumbhaka, with the two teachers he had previously interviewed. He interviewed a third guest who was present at the training, Reggie Hubbard, a political activist whose presence ended up being an integral part of the training.

With three interviews spanning time, Pashupa realized there was a trilogy that allowed for the exploration of past, present, and future. In quarantine, he found himself reconnecting with his love of music and writing, and decided to expand the scope of the podcast by bringing in storytelling  and original music.

In this episode we explore the past, re-imagining the interview with Amy from a future perspective. Is time linear, or does the future inform the past? How do we create meaning? How do we best live this one, wild and mysterious life?


Amy Ippoliti is the co-founder of 90 Monkeys, an online school for advanced yoga education. Amy has studied yoga for over 30 years and has been teaching since 1997.   

In 2013, Amy embarked on a journey with her partner, Taro Smith, to inspire and raise awareness for marine conservation by training underwater so she could be photographed practicing yoga with large marine animals such as whale sharks, manta rays, humpback whales, and dolphins. These awe-inspiring viral images are helping to spark action to protect marine wildlife.

Amy and Taro co-authored an essential book for yoga teachers, "The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga."

Amy sings on the Krishna Das albums Breath of the Heart, All One, and Rock in a Hard Space.


  1. [00:00:00] Intro (Intro Music by Pashupa)

  2. [00:02:05] Kumbhaka

  3. [00:06:43] Amy as a Girl

  4. [00:10:21] Krishna Das

  5. [00:15:35] From NYC to Colorado

  6. [00:19:16] Love and Collaboration (TARO SMITH)

  7. [00:23:42] The Physics of Time

  8. [00:25:18] 90 Monkeys: The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga

  9. [00:31:31] Mixing Yoga and Money

  10. [00:36:36] Svadyaya! Know Thyself.

  11. [00:42:31] The Yoga of Engagement

  12. [00:50:54] Outro (Links to Amy + Warrior One)


The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga:

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