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97: Sue Coe and Jenny Brown

97: Sue Coe and Jenny Brown

Vegan Radio is back for reals. Derek has moved to NYC and recruited vegan activist / singer / songwriter Lo Vee as his new co-host. Together they play a revamped version of the Vegan Radio Theme Song (originally by Beloved Binge) to kick off a reinvigorated show based around their recent visit to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary for their annual July Jamboree.

Vegan artist Sue Coe was visiting the farm and took some time to give an excellent interview, speaking her mind about the animal rights vs. welfarism debate, and telling stories of animal rescues and escapes. She has a new book out called Cruel that is a sequel to her eye-opening book Dead Meat, in which she visited slaughterhouses and then made paintings of what she had seen.

The second interview is with the extraordinairy Jenny Brown - co-founder of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and author of the soon-to-be-released book The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals. Jenny talks about the Jamboree, the farm, the book, the cows, the birds and the pigs.

Also in this episode - songs from "DG & Lo Vee" - the live performance that Derek and Lo Vee gave at the Jamboree. Lo Vee has a voice like a sweet nectar, and her performance of "Bun's Song" about her unrequited love for her rabbit is moving and gorgeous. Derek closes the show with an electrifying re-writing of the CSNY version of Joni Mitchell's song "Woodstock".