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104: Betty Goes Vegan & Gretchen Gets Kind

104: Betty Goes Vegan & Gretchen Gets Kind

Derek & Lo Vee interview vegan authors Gretchen Primack and Dan and Annie Shannon at the 2013 Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary July Jamboree. Gretchen Primack is the author of Kind, a book of poetry that confronts animal issues artistically and metaphorically. She also co-authored The Lucky Ones, the story of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary's co-founder Jenny Brown. Significantly, both of these interviews were conducted at the sanctuary's July Jamboree, an annual fund raising event.

The Shannons have brought Betty Crocker into the age of compassion with their cookbook Betty Goes Vegan. They live in Brooklyn and write a kick-ass food blog on their Meet the Shannons website. What will the Shannons do next? Find out here, dear listeners.