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87: The Veggie Brothers' Cosmic Meatballs

87: The Veggie Brothers' Cosmic Meatballs

Show 87 was recorded on November 5th of 2009. Our feature interview is with Michael Balducci of The Veggie Brothers. We originally met at the Veggie Pride Parade. The Veggie Brothers mails delicious vegan meals made by an award-winning vegan chef all over the US and Canada, packaged in frozen vacuum-sealed bags that you can boil and serve. Michael came to veganism due to health issues and after healing himself decided he wanted to help others. His one caveat with veganism was with the bland vegan foods he was eating at the time and he wanted to ensure that vegans could eat food that was delicious. His future business partner was working as a chef at a vegan restaurant in Long Island where Michael discovered him and they founded the company soon afterward. The Veggie Bothers claim to have fooled guests at an Italian wedding with their vegan meatballs and a Jewish Grandmother with their vegan chicken noodle soup. Scott brings in da news, brings in da funk, including Al Gore giving vegetarianism some props, a cop getting off after getting it on with a cow, a slaughterhouse getting shut down, vegan lunch at Windsor Castle, and why diet soda sucks.