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58: Etsy, Oprah, and Earthlings

58: Etsy, Oprah, and Earthlings

Our 58th show is a bit all over the place, which our listeners might not find unusual. We start with an interview with Molly Lorenz, who has organized a group of vegan artists and craftspeople on the web site Etsy called Vegan Etsy. Molly herself uses the site to sell dog treats at her shop Emma's K9 Kitchen. We then talk about the latest news including Oprah's 21 Day Vegan "Cleanse", which is all over the news at this point. Finally we feature an interview with celebrity activist Persia White which Derek conducted at the recent Farm Sanctuary Gala in NYC. Persia talks about her latest projects as well as the documentary Earthlings which she co-produced. We also feature a new version of Dennis Crommett's "The Killer" which he recorded just for Vegan Radio!