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55: Beyond the Vegan Diet

55: Beyond the Vegan Diet

On our 55th show we look into two diets that are close relatives of veganism, both of which can be integrated into a vegan diet to improve the health benefits. Our first guest, David Snieckus, has been practicing a Macrobiotic diet for over 30 years and has been vegan for most of that time. While he doesn't tell us exactly what he eats we do learn a lot from him about the yin and yang underlying the lifestyle that is more than a diet. Our second guest, Nora Hamerman, has been a raw foodist for a mere 3 years and has been so inspired that she is bringing raw foods guru David Wolfe to her school, the Rhode Island School of Design. Nora illuminates her path to raw foods and vegan ethics, and tells us about creating this event for her senior project.

We pay disrespects (including some fun audio clips) to former NRA president Charleton Heston who died last week, and update you on the latest costs and consequences of the recent beef recall.