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51: Ultimate Fighter Ricardo "Mad Dog" Moreira

51: Ultimate Fighter Ricardo "Mad Dog" Moreira

Our 51st show features vegan athlete and Ultimate Fighting contender Ricardo "Mad Dog" Moreira. Ricardo talks about his path to veganism and how such a seemingly violent sport can jibe with a compassionate vegan ethic. We find how Ricardo gets his protein, how he trains by moving furniture, and why he fights in a cage. In the news we have stories about people contracting neurological diseases from animals, how African refugees are affecting the bushmeat trade, and chimps being denied personhood in Austria. We also discuss how to deal with argumentative meat-eaters.

In the News: Kansas Man May Have Died From Mad Cow-Related Disease, Pork Slaughterhouse Workers Contract Neurological Illnesses, African Refugees Turn To Wildlife For Food, Chimps in Austria Lose Case For Personhood