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49: Dennis Kucinich, Caroline Dupont, and Barry Lovelace

49: Dennis Kucinich, Caroline Dupont, and Barry Lovelace

Our 49th episode Scott calls in on Skype from his vacation to give a report on the state of veganism in the U.K. Derek debuts his Dennis Kucinich Mix just in time for the primaries in New Hampshire. Will it help swing the vote? Our main feature is an interview with Caroline Dupont, author of the recipe book Enlightened Eating. Caroline discusses her thoughts on the raw vegan diet and new years resolutions. Vegan fitness guru Barry Lovelace returns to the show in our last minutes to give his advice for keeping new year's resolutions.

In the News: WIC Program Decreases Eggs & Dairy, Increases Tofu and Vegetables, Canadian Pig Farmer Convicted in Serial Killings, New Slaughterhouses in Western MA, Natalie Portman Starts New Vegan Shoe Line, Vegetarian Shoes

Featured Music: Dennis Crommett & Beloved Binge