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46: Vegan Vixens & Skinny Bitch

46: Vegan Vixens & Skinny Bitch

On Vegan Radio 46 we are vexed by Hollywood vegans who use mainstream media-influenced ideas of female sexuality to bring the vegan message to the mesmerized masses. We talk to Sunny Subramanian from the Vegan Vixens, a group of five "sexy, trendy and fun loving women whose goal is to inspire men to live a longer and happier life". We also interview Rory Friedman, co-author of the NY Times bestseller Skinny Bitch. Rory's book targets trendy women who want to lose weight through dieting. It contains sound nutritional advice and subversively unadvertised descriptions of the horrors of the food industry. We discuss whether using distorted mainstream ideas of female sexuality to sell the vegan message is ethical.