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44: The Vegan Bus goes to Burning Man

44: The Vegan Bus goes to Burning Man

When last we met Vegan Radio co-hosts Derek, Megan and Scott, they were about to embark on a journey aboard The Vegan Bus to bring engaged veganism across the country to Burning Man. On today's show they bring three of the five other Vegan Bus travelers into the studio for a recounting of the trip. Meet Jenna Wikler, Megan E Labonte, and returning Vegan Radio guest Star Drooker. Hear about the journey which transformed a bunch of pasty vegans into hearty grease pirates, and put one omnivore on the road to vegetarianism. Our friend Kevin put a lot of volunteer work into getting the bus ready and he calls in to be on the show with us, man. We also have news of meat recalls, a vegan teacher's trials, tribulations, and litigations, and of course the ever mutating bird flu. We are so back!