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35: The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

35: The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

On December 17, 2006 a conference was held at the Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA to discuss the recently passed Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Vegan Radio was there recording the conference, which featured presentations by professor Roger Gottlieb, Drew Wilson, Odette Wilkens and Peter Muller from the Equal Justice Alliance, and a phone-in interview by U.S. Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. Our musical guest is Exit Ophelia.

We also feature an interview with Walker Argendeli, a talented 13-year-old who is a dedicated vegan, has started his own computer company, and is writing a novel. What's more, he is a spelling bee champion. Megan prides herself on her spelling, and Scott thinks he is pretty smart too... so we have our own little spelling bee to see who is the real vegan spelling whiz.