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31: Neti Pots and Grease Cars

31: Neti Pots and Grease Cars

Show 31 features an in-studio interview with Will LeBlanc, Derek's yoga teacher and author of a new DVD on how to use the Neti Pot. The Neti Pot is an ancient yogic device used for clearing the sinus passages, which is especially helpful for vegetarians who consume dairy products, but may also be of use to vegans with allergies or who crave more oxygen. For Derek it is a chance to explore his fascination with bodily fluids without getting in trouble with the FCC. We also have an interview with Josiah Cuneo, the production manager at Grease Car, a business based in Easthampton Massachusetts that converts diesel engines to run on vegetable oil and employs the slogan "drive vegetarian". Derek unveils his new project The Vegan Bus, a plan to purchase a school bus, convert it to run on vegetable oil, and drive it to the Burning Man Festival. Derek hopes to not only transform the engine of the bus, but the whole body of the bus with positive images of farm animals and Burning Man-esque accoutrements. For this he will need a community of vegans with mad skills. Are you one of them? Then you better get on board!