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25: Vegan Bodybuilder Kenneth Williams

25: Vegan Bodybuilder Kenneth Williams

That's right, Vegan Radio is One Year Old today! It must be time to burp us and change our diapers. We have a really special in-studio guest for this one, vegan bodybuilding champion Kenneth G. Williams. Kenneth made sports history at the 2004 Natural Olympia in Las Vegas - the most prestigious natural bodybuilding competition in the world - by finishing third out of more than 200 competitors from 37 nations and becoming America'ss first vegan bodybuilding champion. As a Spokesperson for In Defense Of Animals (IDA) veganism campaign, Kenneth tells us where to get our protein and why real men don't hurt animals.

We interview Cheryl Hill, a vegan "rock and roll rebel" whose music reflects her influences - Queensryche, Ozzy and Metallica! Cheryl provided music on the movie trailer for "Vegan Fitness Built Naturally", a DVD which features vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke and Vegan Radio favorite Tonya Kay. Finally on this show we talk about our favorite holiday, Halloween, including where to find recipes and yummy vegan candy.