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21: Peter Singer & Jim Mason

21: Peter Singer & Jim Mason

Show 21 features an interview with Peter Singer and Jim Mason about the new book they co-authored, The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter. Derek met up with Peter and Jim at the Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down, one of Derek's favorite AR events.

Peter Singer is an Australian ethical and political philosopher best known for his work in bioethics and his role as one of the intellectual founders of the modern animal rights movement.

We share a recording Derek made at the Hoe Down of the song We Must Liberate The Animals by the a cappella group Veggie Voices. We also have a special treat, the band Beloved Binge joins us in the studio to share their music and wit.

Megan is on vacation this week so Scott fills in as Derek's co-host and reports the top vegan news stories.