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17: Jerry Cook of the World Orchard Project

17: Jerry Cook of the World Orchard Project

Show 17 features Jerry Cook who was featured in the Tribe of Heart Documentary Peaceable Kingdom and is currently promoting a new project he co-founded, the World Orchard Project. This project aims to plant fruit-bearing bushes and trees in common areas around the world to provide free nourishment for humans and other animals. We interview David Frederickson who is a member of The Prids, an all-vegan band out of Oregon. We also introduce our new "Woodstock Critters" segment that spotlights a critter from Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and lets you know how you can help support them. This time we feature an amazing rooster named Brandy.

The naked news features Morrisey's comments about Oxford University's new animal lab, why meat-eaters are being denied housing in Bombay, how NY Governor Pataki is helping fund foie gras factory farming, and the myth about the memory of goldfish.