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13: Dan Piraro, the vegan Bizarro

13: Dan Piraro, the vegan Bizarro

Our 13th show features an interview with Dan Piraro, vegan activist and creator of the nationally syndicated comic strip Bizarro. Dan has just published a new book called Bizarro and Other Strange Manifestations of the Art of Dan Piraro which he is currently doing a comedy book tour to publicize. Dan lives in NYC along with his wife Ashley Smith, who is an amazing activist who led Dan to veganism. We also have a short phone interview with vegan musician LeAnne Broas, who lives and works in NYC as well. We feature her song Coming of Age. Our news stories cover omega-3 enriched pigs, the good and bad news in the UK, barbeque meat and prostate cancer, arsenic in chicken, and a crazy Connecticut cat that is attacking avon ladies.