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11: The Vegan Cure: Outtakes

11: The Vegan Cure: Outtakes

Last week we brought you a special edition of Vegan Radio that was produced for the Pacifica Network program 'Sprouts'. We called the episode The Vegan Cure and we interviewed people who overcame disease with a plant-based diet as well as experts on vegan nutrition and diet planning. Since the episode was only 1/2 hour long we had lots of leftovers from our interviews, and we are serving them up in this episode of Vegan Radio!

We have some of the top movers and shakers in the vegan movement for you this time around, including:

Dr. Ruza V. Bogdanovich certified naturopathic doctor and author of The Cure is the Cause.

Dr Ruth Heidrich world-renowned vegan athlete and author of A Race for Life who healed herself from breast cancer on a plant-based diet (as prescribed by Dr. John McDougall, M.D.) and now competes in triathlons, marathons and iron man contests on a raw vegan diet.

Alex Jaimeson - girlfriend/chef from the documentary Supersize Me who designed the vegan detox diet to counteract the effects of her partner's 30 day diet of nothing but McDonald's products. The plan subsequently became available to the public in her new book The Great American Detox Diet.

Sarah Kramer author of the vegan cookbook trilogy featuring How It All Vegan!, The Garden of Vegan, and La Dolce Vegan!

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