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09: Dr Michael Greger

09: Dr Michael Greger

On show number 9 we do our first ever on-air phone interview with vegan guru Dr. Michael Greger, MD. We also interview our first ever on-air guest - Anja from Touchstone Farm & Yoga Center in Easthampton, MA. Anja talks about a capitalist plot to force the Touchstone collective to sell their land to developers who want to put up condos. Down with the man!!! Anja also plays a song for us to sweeten up our musical segment.

In the Naked News we cover the Dick Cheney hunting accident, McDonald's allergy-ridden fries, sheep sodomy, new research on the link between eating red meat and colon cancer, Muslim inmates in Seattle suing for meat, and an amazing parrot named N'kisi.

Also: Sarah Kramer, Isa Chandra Moskowitz,

We also would like to apologize for the background noise. Aside from the jet airplane flying over the studio at the end of Anja's interview, apparently there was a piano lesson going on above the Valley Free Radio studio.