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05: The Annie Dodge Rescue

05: The Annie Dodge Rescue

Our fifth show features an amazing rescue story of a cow named Annie Dodge who escaped slaughter in Vermont, lived in the wild for 6 months, and fortunately ended up at the home of a couple who were Farm Sanctuary members. Vegan Radio correspondents Derek Goodwin and Scott Lahteine were there to get the story.

We also have local New England activist Aryenish Birdie, who is changing her middle name to "Vegan", so she can be known as "A Vegan Birdie"! This show features an art review by art historian Chelsea Dacres-Smith on the Becoming Animal Exhibit at Mass MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art). We also have a new music segment which will become a regular feature. This week we are showcasing the song 'Cancer Food' by They Eat Their Own.

In the news we have tales of a whale, pigs, and Moby, who may have been named after a whale. All this and more is what you get with every serving of Vegan Radio!