Sporecast 1: The Cosmic Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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A tribute to US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who lived an extraordinary life that changed the world. This short bonus episode picks up where she left off, imagining her merging back into the universe and passing her strength, courage and wisdom on to all of us.

This is our first Sporecast (short episode) featuring our first #Earworm (our catchy songs): "The Cosmic RBG Song" (original music)!, Along with playful storytelling and narration, Hindu goddess mythology, Christian end-time prophecies, an overconfident president catching a cold, and audio clips of RBG herself.

• Ruth Bader Ginsburg
• Sanskrit Studies with Manorama
• Devīmāhātmya
• The Late, Great Planet Earth
• Book of Revelations Chapter 13
• SCOTUS Superspreader Nomination Event 
• Audio of  "Justice Ginsburg on a Meaningful Life " thanks to C-Span.
• All music and editing by Derek Pashupa Goodwin