Saraswati: to Know Her is to Love Her

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning. This song is a take off from "To know him is to love him", repurposed and rededicated to the goddess.

From Wikipedia: Saraswati, is a Sanskrit fusion word of saras (सरस्) meaning "pooling water", but also sometimes translated as "speech"; and vati (वती) meaning "she who possesses". Originally associated with the river or rivers known as Saraswati, this combination, therefore, means "she who has ponds, lakes, and pooling water" or occasionally "she who possesses speech". It is also a Sanskrit composite word of surasa-vati (सुरस-वति) which means "one with plenty of water"

Saraswati, often depicted wearing white, has four hands holding items with symbolic meaning:

- a book, symbolizing divine knowledge
- a mālā - symbolizing meditation, inner reflection, spirituality
- a pot of water - purification, or soma, the psychedelic nectar of the gods
- a veena, the stringed musical instrument that symbolizes creative arts

All is vibration. Some quantum physicists believe the universe is made of tiny vibrating strings (string theory). Sound, light, matter, are all vibrating. When we tune in to our breath and the harmony of nature, we become instruments of change, reflections of the divine. This is what I get from meditating on Saraswati.

This was recorded on my iPhone 8 by Goose Creek, behind my apartment in Boulder, CO. The sounds of water and wind are imperfections to audio engineers, but to me they are part of the charm.

As we move through uncertain times together, sacred songs remind us to return our hearts and efforts to living in harmony with the Earth.