Oming with Cats

Ever wonder what's up with Om? Join Pashupa and his housemate's cat Felix for a journey through the meaning of this sacred, scientific, Sanskrit mantra. Includes a recording of the Big Bang!

* A Sanskrit Sound
* A "Bija Mantra," bija is Sanskrit for "seed"
* 1st part Aaahhhhh represents creation
* 2nd part Ooohhhhhh represents sustainment
* 3rd part Mmmmmm represents transformation, destruction
* moves energy from the ground up to the crown

1:02 Felix, upon hearing Ahhhhhhhhhh, meaaahs, and gets off my lap.
1:22 Felix, upon hearing Mmmmmmm, walks over to the phone recording the video to knock it down.

Yoga with Cats is a new series by Pashupa as part of the Warrior One online offering. Pashupa lives with two cats, Felix and Lolita, who like to practice yoga with Pashupa, who's name means "protector of animals." No cats are harmed in these videos.