Episode 3: Reginald Hubbard

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We release this episode, the third and final episode of the Kumbhaka Trilogy, on the 1-year anniversary of the event that inspired it. Featuring interviews with Reginald Hubbard ,the Congressional Affairs Liaison and Senior Political Strategist at MoveOn.org , who applies yoga philosophy to his activism. Topics include: George Floyd, karma and Bhakti yoga, pranayama and breathwork, overcoming partisanship, the physics of time, the pandemic, and the Insurrection.

#Earworms(original music): 

• All About the Psoas
• The Insurrection Blues
• Simulation Song
• The Future is Coming
• Bhakti Got Me Out Of Bed, Karma Got Me On The Train,
• The Future is Wide Open  (by V Haddad)

The Kumbhaka Trilogy

Between the inhale and the exhale there is a pause, or retention breath, that the yogi's call, "kumbhaka ."

The first three episodes of the Warrior One Podcast revolve around a yoga training that occurred one year ago the weekend of March 14th, 2020 in Boulder, Colorado. That weekend became the pause between the pre-pandemic world, and the world we live in now.

The training was led by two highly respected western yoga teachers. Episode 1 featured Amy Ippoliti ,an American yoga teacher, author, and earth conservationist. Episode 2 features Manorama , a world-renowned authority on Sanskrit, and a brilliant yoga philosophy teacher.  

Reginald Hubbard was a student at the workshop. He is also a 500 hour certified yoga teacher, offering online classes through his Active Peace Yoga platform.  In July 2020, Reggie launched a grassroots campaign along with Amy Ippoliti , Jack Kornfeld and Tara Brach called Buddhists and Yogins United, in an effort to inspire teachers and their respective communities to encourage active civic participation in politics and social activism.  

Show Links:

• Reginald Hubbard
• Buddhists and Yogins United
• Bhagavad Gita
• Amy Ippoliti
• Faith Hunter
• Jack Kornfeld
• Tara Brach
• Yoga Journal Conference
• Black Lives Matter
• Manuel Ellis Mother
• Vie Music on Soundcloud
• Vie Music Station on Youtube

• [00:00:00] Future is Coming Intro (song by Pashupa)
• [00:04:25] Kumbhaka Recap
• [00:09:24] Karma and Bhakti
• [00:12:58] Corporate Life
• [00:22:04] Into the Realms of Yoga
• [00:25:15] All About the Psoas
• [00:30:14] MOVEON
• [00:38:51] On the road again
• [00:41:08] Lucas, KS
• [00:42:44] Simulation Song
• [00:46:33] Louisville, KY
• [00:50:28] George Floyd
• [00:58:36] Pranayama
• [01:01:47] Election Redirection
• [01:03:28] Insurrection Blues
• [01:04:58] Syracuse, New York
• [01:08:35] Beyond Partisan
• [01:13:49] Buddhists and Yogins United
• [01:19:03] Bhakti gets us out of bed,  Karma gets us on the train.
• [01:21:47] Florence, MA
• [01:23:23] Active Peace Yoga
• [01:25:30] The Future is Wide Open